Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bathroom Before and After

The main floor bathroom remodeling was a slow train coming.  From the floor to the ceiling, I hated almost everything about the bathroom when we bought it.  It was dark and dated (not vintage).  I liked that there was a bathtub but hated the wainscoting.  The sink was rusted out and the hot water didn't work.  It literally had a taped sign over the hot water faucet saying "no".  The only light fixture came from a large, metal medicine cabinet with a unflattering light attached.  And the floor was ugly vinyl that never felt clean.  One day I decided I had to rip up the bathtub wainscoting to see what was underneath.  It was a clawfoot bathtub!  Unfortunately, it took us another two years to replace the floor and pluming to actually have a functioning bathtub and sink. It was the one thing I really wanted fixed before baby was born.  We literally had the bathroom complete two days before I went into labor.   But I was so happy to have it completed.  Beyond being glad there was a sink in our bathroom, it was so wonderful to be able to soak in a beautiful tub after giving birth.  It felt like heaven.

I painted my parents passport pictures from the 1970s.  My dad hates that his picture is above the toilet.  But I figured if you can't have a sense of humor with your art in the bathroom, where can you have a sense of humor?

We tried to go as cheap as possible while still having it match the rest of our house. We got the pedestal sink from the Habitat for Humanity restore for $30.  The mirror is an antique my dad found at a garage sale for $5.   The rug is from a flea market for $20. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

before and after: nursery

It has been quite around the blog lately, but has been super busy in my actual life.  I put the blog and shop on hold as I got ready to have my first child.  There was a lot of work to do to get the house ready and unfortunately as I got closer to my due date, I lost all of my energy.  But  luckily, I have a great husband who helped make my dream home come true.  I have a few before and afters to show you. My favorite is the little nursery.  The before room was actually that blue.  I mean blue walls, blue ceiling, blue carpet, blue curtains.  Even though we were having a boy, that wasn't the design we were hoping for.  

The nursery theme was based off of a yellow and green rug we bought in Santa Fe a couple years ago.  Most of the decorations and furniture we used were recycled from around the house. The crib was my sister's that she used with her children.  The art I painted or was my family's.  The only new items were the rocking chair my mom and dad gave to us and the pillows we bought from ebay.   We really wanted a neutral, positive room that felt relaxing.  We wanted the room to look like a child's room, yet all the pieces could be used in other rooms as the baby gets older and wants to decorate the room in his own style.

Right now baby is sleeping in a basinet in our room.  When we are ready for him to sleep in the nursery, I will switch out the quilt for actual crib sheets.

 We were lucky to get so many wonderful children's books.  This baby's library is better than mine!

 One of my favorite pieces in this room is the coffee table my husband made when he was young.  It reminds me of being up north, where we both lived.

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