Monday, June 17, 2013

before and after: camper!

 Hello!  As alluded to earlier in the week, one of the things i have been busy with is our 1965 camper.  we purchased it as a honeymoon present.  the hope is that it would be ready in september to take camping for our honeymoon.  after the excitement of owning our own camper wore off, we realized we had a ton of work to do and that maybe that maybe renovating a camper wasn't the best use of our time and money. but this was our dream and i love a good before and after, so we took to working on cleaning, shellacking, and buying a couple treats for decorating.  we still need to do some work on the outside, but i am happy with how it came out.

before- the dinette set

after: i made new cushions (i will do a post about that sometime)and redid the table top from old wood.

before- kitchenette set.

after: i spray painted the inside/outside of the fridge, the sink and fan with rustoleum high performance spray paint.  i plan to redo the countertops next summer.

i thrifted vintage plastic flatware.  this way i have a set of flatware to always use with the camper and wont worry about them breaking while we travel.

 before: sleeping area  

after: we took off the top bunk to have more room.  there was a lot of wood rot around the ceiling vent (if you can call it that.  it was a hole in the ceiling with a garbage can lid nailed over it.) so we replaced the venta and wood around the vent. the sleeping area works like a futon.  we can move it to couch position during the day and then it pulls out to a bed at night.  the camper is 80" long so we couldn't find a new mattress that was long enough.  we ended up just buying a twin futon mattress from amazon and covering it with a vintage hudson bay blanket.  

a few notes:  there was a lot of wood rot that we over looked or didn't realize what a big deal it was when we got it.  traditionalist would have striped the camper and rebuilt it from the inside out.  frankly we don't have the time or money to do that.  so we fixed the worst, shellacked the rest and will fix a little each year.  

true to all home repair it cost more and took more time than we had budgeted.  as you start, and somethings start to look better others in return, start to look worst.  repairing a camper is never ending.  we made a list of what we wanted done before our honeymoon and that is all we made room for.  
rule of thumb: safety and health first, cleanliness second, ascetics last. 


Mary said...

It's so darling! I love the table top.

owlbjeni said...

I love it! Can you tell me more about how you made that terrific table? I have a vintage camper that I am fixing up as well, & I'd love to have my table top look like that! said...

Your camper looks great! I too love the table top...would like to know what type of wood you used and how you adhered it. Also, may I use one of your photos for a blog post I'm writing about RV dinette booth makeovers?

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