Friday, May 10, 2013

charles bradley

It's no secret that I have been a long time fan of old r&b music especially the work of daptone records.  when i first heard charles bradley i was smitten. 

now here is where i am going to go on a tangent and i hope you can follow me.  i sell old clothes, live in an old house, listen to old music.  my catch phrase is old timey midwest living.  but i don't wish i lived in a previous period. there were linching in my grandma's lifetime, my mom was limited on the jobs she was able to apply for and was required to tell her employer if she was on birth control when she was my age.  there was segragation and hatred in mainstream america that we now only see on the fringes of society.  do i think life is perfect now? no.  but do i think quality of life is better now?  yes. how is this related to charles bradley?  well, what i like about bradley is that he can channel the  pain and beauty of the past without the kitch of pretending we are in that period of time.  his videos and style are clearly is own.  you can feel his experiences and anguish in his voice, and that sound allows his music to truely be timeless.

now watch this video an fall in love. unfortunately, i am not offering that red suit in shop.


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