Saturday, March 23, 2013

the magnificent chicken

it should come as no surprise to readers of this little blog that I am a big fan of chickens, particularly fluffy show chickens.  so, when a good friend of mine showed me the magnificent chicken: portraits of the fairest fowl, i was sold. 

for me, it sometimes feels like i am in between chicken communities.  we live in a small town in the midwest.  its a beauty place to live, but in terms of chickens its rural enough to have a county fair blocks from our house with poultry showings each summer but it is urban enough to have municipal regulations on the amount of chickens i can have and the size of the coop.  my country friends don't see the point of only having three chickens and rolled their eyes when i gave them names.  my city friends laughed and called me a redneck for having chickens in town.  the only thing they agree on is that i throw a good chicken party(more on that later).  maybe one reason i like this book so much is i can find my place in this chicken world.  the photos are not true to how poultry should be shown in competitions but they are beautiful, sincere and find a way of transitioning between the old and new world of chicken keeping. 

*all photos are credited to Tamara Staples

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