Monday, February 18, 2013

billy reid ready to wear fall 2013

usually about this time of year, after valentine's day but a long time before april, i get the feeling that i just hate winter.  i don't want to feel cold anymore, i don't want to shovel the walk, i am sick of wearing so many layers of clothes!  i am just looking for an excuse to sleep until spring.  but i have to tell you, billy reid's fall 2013 ready to wear was a breath of winter air!  it made me think of how much fun you can have with proportion, texture, and layering.  even how much funner it is to experiment with heavier makeup in the fall compared to the hot summer.  and now that all those silly rules about not wearing white past labor day are out the window, i am excited to try some of these white dress/skirt combinations.  were there any fun shows for you this fashion week?

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