Tuesday, October 16, 2012

diy leather tote bag

i was hanging out with a girlfriend of mine the other day and we were both coveting those beautiful leather tote bags we have been seeing around the internet lately. it is such a great bag for moms, students, or women who end up carrying their whole life in their person. this one from madewell is my favorite, but unfortunately i don't have $168 to spend on a purse right now. so, what does any thrift loving, crafty girl do?  make her own! or in my case- make one for my friend! i first went to the only fabric store in town.  they didn't sell leather and if they did, i doubt i could afford it.  so i went to the thrift store and found a 70s old man leather jacket.  it was butter soft leather but an overall awful jacket.  but for $7 it was the right price for leather.  i took it home and deconstructed every seam so the leather laid flat.  i think the hardest part was to find the right tutorial on how to make a tote bag.  i found this one by bijou lovely.  it is such an easy tutorial that it really becomes fool proof.

so breaking it down.  things i like about the project:  easy tutorial.  all it required was the leather from an old jacket and lining.  second,  the bag is reversible!  i made this fabric a while ago by following directions to bleach napkins from the design sponge book. i was going to use it to upholster the loveseat i showed you earlier. in the end i wasn't crazy about it for the upholstery but knew it had a second life. 

things that didn't go so well:  the bag is a little bigger than i liked.  i ended up sewing the sides in the make it a bit smaller.  second, this old man was a smoker.  the leather, like a person's skin or hair, holds the smell.  i definitely recommend cleaning the leather before you begin to sew!

overall, it is a super fun, easy, cheap project and i hope my friend gets a lot of use out of it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

as seen before

it was this very photo, of the ever stylish natalie hughes on vanessa jackman, that made me want (need) a leopard print coat.  this style is so classic.  i think the photo is from 2010 but it could be 2012 or 1966.   its effortless, chic and comfortable.  my grandma always stressed the importance of a good winter coat. the kind of coat that along with making you feel warm, made you feel beautiful every time you put it on.  i believe this coat offers just that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

shop update

edwardian top blouse// embroidered cottonlace camisole

i think this shop update's theme will be pretty things that any girl might love to wear.  edwardian camisoles, leopard fur coats, 30s lace dress, soft angora sweater and the list continues... enjoy!

               vintage 30s wedding dress// long lace dress

                  60s lace dress// 60s wedding dress

                       vintage 50s floral sweater// 50s embroidered cardigan

Saturday, October 6, 2012

bits and bobs: engagement photos

we had the most romantic, wonderful time taking these engagement photos last week. my sister, christina beam took these photos and i can't believe how great they turned out! she does miracles.  fall is so beautiful. its hard to believe that this magical little forest existed in real life. and if you are wondering, yes, i do always have a shit eating grin on my face when my man is givin' me kisses.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

as seen before: brown suede skirt

is it just me or is a brown suede mini skirt the epitome of an early fall outfit?  maybe i am being too dramatic but it feels like a great transition into heavier clothes.  you get the weight and color of fall but the fun carefree cut of summer.  if you agree with me and are looking for a cute suede skirt of your own, check out my newest item in the shop!

Monday, October 1, 2012

shop update!

hello!  i just posted a few new items in the shop.  i have to say, it involves all m ay favorite variables:  cowboy boots, leather purses, southwestern jackets, victorian blouses and sailor dresses.  i am not sure there is a theme... other than awesomeness!  check it out!  

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