Thursday, September 27, 2012

before and after: vintage loveseat


about a month ago i found the beautiful settee with a matching chair.  it was the ugliest fake buffalo upholstery i have ever seen! the thrift store was eager to get rid of it and i was just as eager to take it! we have a strange little extenstion in our bedroom that nothing seems to fit.  So,  with the help of design sponge  , i got to work reupholstering this little guy. 


last night was the first night the couch was in our bedroom.  it was so sweet to wake up this morning with our little guy enjoying his new seat!  up next: finish chair to go with the cabinet i showed you early, find a standing lamp for behind the couch and a little coffee table for the front.

lessons learned: 
  • do not buy your foam and stuffing from a fabric store- way over priced!  first we went to joann's for the foam. when we ran out,  we went to walmart and bought the rest for about a 10th of the price.
  • find coupons for the fabric.  we got a 40% off for the fabric and ribbing.  we couldn't have afforded it otherwise.
  • barter with the thrift store.  at first they tried to say that it was $60 for the couch only.once they realized they would be stuck with an ugly chair without its ugly couch they gave me the chair for free! 
break down:
settee and chair........$60
stuffing & foam...$80
fabric, ribbing, tacks...$130

1 comment:

Mary said...

It looks beautiful and little Gus is too precious!

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