Thursday, July 12, 2012

on the home front: raised beds

hello! this post is dedicated to our little garden.  throughout the apartment living, we had been dreaming of our own little plot of land. although we still have a long ways to go, we are pretty happy with the results. we decided to build raised beds for a variety of reasons and cully's dad and step mom helped us build the fence around them. we plan to add mulch later this year and two more beds for next year! if you are interested in building raised beds here is how we did ours.

the supplies needed for two 3" x 8" raised beds:
  • 8- 2"x4"x8' untreated lumber
  • 3- 2"x4"x6' untreated lumber-sawed in thirds for 9- 2"x4"x3' (only need 8)
  • 4-treated 4"x4"x6' lumber- sawed in half for 8-4"x4"x2'
  • 1 large box galvanized wood screws
  • 3/4 yard top soil ( i ordered soil and compost in bulk from landscaping company who delivered)
  • 3/4 yard compost
  • 3 cu. ft peat moss
  • small rocks to fill in the the posts
  • total cost: $250
  • post hole digger
  • saw
  • shovel
  • rock bar
  • screw driver
  • wheel barrel
  • measure the area you want the beds, mark each corner with a small post/stick.
  • dig the first two holes 1 foot deep for the top corners. 
  • stick the first two  4"x4"x2' in the holes and measure one of the 2"x4"x3' pieces of lumber to see that it fully covers the posts corner to corner lengthwise. when it matches pack holes with soil and small rocks. screw the timber to the posts.
  • re-measure the next two post marks to see if it is still 8' across and 3' wide.  begin digging the two holes one foot deep.  check posts to see if they match with the lumber you bought so that 3' lumber covers the post widthwise and the 8' lumber covers the posts lengthwise (see photo below).  when it matches up pack holes with rocks and soil. screw lumber to posts.
  • now that your raised beds are done- you are ready for the soil! 
  • wet small batches of peat and mix with top soil and compost and add to beds.  make sure to thoroughly wet peat or your bed will always be dry. 
  • add enough soil so that when your soil rests its level with bed.
  • plant you veggies and your done!


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