Saturday, June 30, 2012

bits and bobs: home edition

hello! so the last few weeks have been way to hot in wisconsin for my midwest sensibilities. my cat and i just lay over the basement air vents panting together (i am sure that is quite a site). the nice thing about this kind of weather is that it reminds me of the warm places i have traveled and fun items i have brought back. maybe the items are more appreciated when i am lying on the floor looking up at them, but this week’s inspiration is photos i have taken from around my house of things i got while traveling or that remind me to explore more. have a good weekend and stay hydrated!

1. perfect traveling shoes
2. george raab painting of hele ware- the two did a lot of exploring
3. south american map
4. zanzibar mask
5. my grandma's traveling case
6. new mexican cow skull

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