Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


as my sister has said before, we come from a long line of "domestic divas". my grand mother was the kind of woman who could look at any article of clothing, whether it was a chanel pantsuit or the neighbor girl's dress and figure out how to recreate it. She had such a keen eye for color and patterns, my aunt once told a story of how my grandma had visited her house only once yet seven years later she found a pillow with the same pattern and sent it to her. My mother, not unlike my grandma,  has been such an inspiring woman in so many ways. she started her own clothing business and was definitely the person to inspire me to start my little etsy shop. even though we grew up in north dakota, before the time of internet and online shopping, my mom always found ways to be stylish and creative. i have such great memories of watching 'style' with elsa klensch on saturday mornings with her. so, when i started creating my etsy craft space upstairs i tried to channel their love and creativity. here are a couple shots of my sewing space. this is my grandmother's sewing table with a picture of my mom and i when i was a baby.  happy mothers day!


before picture of the etsy space taken from the relator.  its hard to tell but there are blue walls, blue ceilling, blue trim and blue carpet.  we still need to paint of the blue trim, but everything else has changed.



(i hide all the thread, tape, crafts and unsightlies in the antique trunk and doctors bags)


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Mom said...

Thank you ...I love your studio....I love you.

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