Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Little Home


I wanted to post these photos a while back but never seemed to have found the time. Here are a couple of the "before" and "after"(but really during) photos of our little house. The before photos were taken by the relator for putting it on the market and the after were taken by yours truly. Most of the work we have done so far is remove carpet and wallpaper, have our floors refinished, and then paint the walls. I love the original light fixtures in the living room and parlor, but we still want to replace the light in the dining room. I hope to post more before and afters of the office and upstairs soon. Hope you enjoy!

Before Living Room

2nd living room

After Living Room


Before Living Room


After Living Room




Before Dining Room


After Dining Room


Before Dining Room


After Dining Room






Missi said...

This is so lovely! Did you restain the wood trim? My parents have a similar home in Portland, and they've kept it in a cave-like place for so many years. Time to brighten up!

Dust Society said...

Thanks! We removed the carpet and had someone come in and sand and add a gloss to it.

Ayana Red said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just saw it on design sponge.

Snugglepot ant said...

I'm looking at photos of wood trim and wood floors and came across your lovely before and after! The wood trim around the windows/doorways looks different in the after photos - more like how I would like ours to look (they are darker now) but I'm not sure if it's just because you took photos in the daytime or if you did try to restain the wood trim. It's going to be a nightmare to have to do the amount that we have in our house that I'm not sure I want to attempt this! Elissa

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