Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving Along

Vintage Suitcases via CupofJo

Sorry it has been so quite at the blog and shop lately, but we have been quite busy. February 1st, we bought our first house! It is a sweet little victorian house in a historical area of our town. We got it for a steal and have been so smitten by all the dreaming that comes with planning your first home. Unfortunately, it did require a lot of painting, wallpaper and carpet removal in a short amount of time. The funny thing I didn't realize when buying a home is the more work you put it into it the more you love it. I never thought I could love a building as much as I love this little one. We are waiting on the maple floors being re-done before we can move in. Cross your fingers for next week! After that, I will start adding photos.

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